Exclusive Activities

  • It is the life-size version of the popular table game played worldwide.
  • It is played inside a huge Inflatable of 40’x20’ with a goalpost on either side.
Time Duration
1 Hour to 3 Hours
Time Duration 1 Hour to 3 Hours
  • Communication
  • Strategy
  • Teamwork
  • Learning Chanakya's teachings through fun and entertainment. A proprietary training program by Seventeen Events.
Time Duration
Half Day or Full Day
Time Duration Half Day or Full Day
  • Learning and experiencing the teachings of Chanakya using fun activities and films.
  • Inducing the Chanakya thought process in the mind of the corporate world.
  • Using ancient Indian wisdom to benefit modern day businesses.
  • These games are played on a tactile tablet where the city turns into a board game and participants travel from one point of interest to another tackling multiple challenges and discovering the city.
  • The participants are divided into several teams, each consisting of 5 to 8 members, and are given a tablet with the games on a map.
  • The games are very user-friendly with different coloured icons for different types of challenges and the participants are tracked by GPS.


Time Duration
45 min to 2 days
Time Duration 45 min to 2 days
  • Teamwork & communications
  • Creative thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • General Knowledge
  • Time Management
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • With all the components ready, this photo booth literally takes 5 minutes to set up. 
  • This Photo booth prints pictures instantly without any hassle.
  • We will have fun props displayed on the table for people to click pictures
  • The instant pictures will be put in a photo jacket made of paper which will be handed over to the employees as a gesture 


Time Duration
2 hours
Time Duration 2 hours
  • Fun & Interactive
  • Instant Prints
  • Pose With Props
  • A wackier new version of soccer that will keep you bouncing in excitement.
  • A game that’s about smashing into each other, bouncing and rolling in the grass / indoors, in inflatable zorb light balls. You will be laughing too hard to keep a tally.
  • We have 10 zorbs and hence 5 people a side can participate
  • Each match usually lasts for 5 minutes only
Time Duration
5 minutes each match
Time Duration 5 minutes each match
  • Communication 
  • Strategy 
  • Teamwork 
  • This is a car that is controlled by your thoughts
  • It reads the brain signals and controls the car accordingly.
  • The movement of the car depends on the focus and concentration
  • The car moves ahead if the concentration level is above 50%
  • The components include the car and the head gear
Time Duration
1 hours
Time Duration 1 hours
  • Creative thinking 
  • Comunication
  • Strategy